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30 October 2010 @ 05:38 am
New Member  
How did you find out about 'Brick'?: I picked it up because I am watching all of JGL's old movies, this is my favorite by far besides Inception

How/Where did you see 'Brick'?: I saw it about a month ago in my house, I rented this, Mysterious Skin, and the Look Out.

Favorite Character(s): Brain, the man is awesome, being Brendan's back up, knowing the score, sometimes before Brendan does, he is amazing. Behind every great man is a pointman.

Favorite Scene and/or line: The scene between Brendan and Brain about lunch. I love how they are playing with a rubik's cube and talking about lunch, it's a great juxtaposition.

Have any fun theories about the movie?: The language. blew me away and that they made a film noire work in a modern day high school.

Anything else we should know about you?: While I love most of the females in the movie, I am a Brendan/Brain fan at heart. Not because I like to slash things, but because Brain is the only person who is always with Brendan and whom Brendan can depend on.

Now I am also a Brendan/Laura fan but only in the sense that between her, Emily (who I hate), and Kara she is the best match for Brendan, even if she is a backstabbing bitch.

And I love to write so if it is permitted, I will probably being writing fanfiction for this fandom, because I feel it totally needs it.

Lol, hope no body is upset!